Music is the spice of life!

My alter ego is a musician who likes to play rock, funk, and gospel music. I play keyboards and, of course, technology slips into the whole mix. This page has links to observations and notes about a wide variety of musical topics.

My main gigging instrument is the Yamaha MOX synthesizer. The MOX has terrific sounds, is light-weight, and is not too expensive. It’s a deep instrument that let’s you tweak all aspects of your sound. It also has a huge library of musical phrases called “arpeggios” in Yamaha-speak. The arpeggios are a good resource when writing new songs or for just a good time jamming and practicing. This page describes what I learned about the MOX and it should help you get started with the MOX, too.

Yamaha has developed several very useful iPad apps for musicians. The Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer (MMS) is a compositional tool which is pretty close to my writing process. This page discusses a number of undocumented MMS features including the MIDI messages sent by MMS and MIDI program change information for voices.

If you would like to hear some of my work, then cruise over to the music gallery. This page has links to MP3 audio, MIDI files and MMS project files. A few production notes are also included.