Performance styles for PSR-E443

Thank you for downloading the MOX performance styles for the PSR-E443! (Download the ZIP file here.)

Getting started

Each of the Yamaha Motif/MOX series workstations have hundreds of factory “Performances” to be used for live performance, jamming or song-writing. A Motif/MOX Performance consists of four independent voices, usually drum, bass, and one or two other voices like guitar or piano. A Performance includes five or six groups of related musical phrases, called “arpeggios.” Each group of arpeggios plays a role such as main section, fill or break. The player switches between arpeggio groups while jamming or recording. In this way, the musician can build up a full arrangement. The arpeggios are drawn from an internal library of several thousand musical phrases, some of which may already sound familiar to PSR/Tyros users.

The styles in this collection are translated from Motif/MOX Performances. The styles play just like regular PSR/Tyros styles including fill-in sections. Here are a few tips to help you use and enjoy these styles.

  • The original Performances are simple and stripped down — no elaborate orchestrations to get in the way of song-writing. A few of the styles use only bass and drum! These are great for jamming since you have more freedom to elaborate on your own musical themes.
  • The introductions and endings are also very simple. Most introductions are just a short, one bar count in. Endings are simple “live” endings.
  • Don’t be afraid to remix the styles or change the tempo.
  • The styles have four MAIN sections with corresponding fill-in sections.

PSR-E443 and other SFF1 arrangers

These styles are translated for and tested on the PSR-E443 arranger. They should be fully compatible with the E433, too. Some of the styles use the Power Kit and/or Cuban Kit, which are not available on earlier members of the E4xx family or other entry-level arrangers. If that’s the case, I suggest using one of the marvelous tools from Jørgen Sørensen (Style Remixer or Style Revoicer) or Michael P. Bedesem (MixMaster or MIDI Player) to change the drum voices in Channel 9 and Channel 10.

The style files have four MAIN sections and four fill-in sections. The PSR-E443 (and other entry-level arrangers) can only play the INTRO A, INTRO B, MAIN A, MAIN B, ENDING A and ENDING B sections. If you would like to hear or use the “hidden” sections, then download one of those tools that I just mentioned and re-mix!

Style files can be opened in a MIDI sequencer or DAW such as SONAR or Cubase. Simply change the file extension from “STY” to “MID,” then load the .MID file into the editor. Editors ignore and drop non-MIDI data like the style CASM section. You need to use a utility like Jørgen’s Style Split/Splice in order to preserve non-MIDI data when editing with a DAW.

The styles are SFF1 and they should play on any Yamaha arranger that can handle SFF1. Again, you may need to re-voice the styles for your particular arranger. I tried to use regular bass, piano and synth voices that are available on the widest possible range of arrangers.

These styles do not use MegaVoice bass or guitar.

The styles in this collection do not include OTS information. I omitted OTS in order to keep the style file size small. You should be able to load several styles at a time, even on a memory-limited arranger. Five styles fit easily on a PSR-E443, for example.

If you have an arranger that supports MegaVoices, SFF GE (SFF2) and OTS, you are more than welcome to load up these styles and use them! However, I have a more advanced collection in development right now and you may wish to wait for the next version.


If you would like to know more about the Performance-to-style translation process, please see:

There are also many other PSR- and Tyros-related posts at my Web site:

Jørgen Sørensen’s tools are available at his Web site:

Michael Bedesem’s tools are available at the PSR Tutorial site:

Copyright © 2015 Paul J. Drongowski

Style (performance) list

Style/performance      BPM
-------------------    ---
Austin City Blues       82    Rock  Classic
Blues Organ Trio       172    Jazz  Swing
Club Jazz 1            125    Jazz  Club
Club Jazz 2             92    Jazz  Club
Double Dip The Funk    105    R&B   Funk
Duck Groove             81    Jazz  Smooth
Funkhunters            115    Jazz  JazzFunk
Funk Night             115    R&B   Funk
Funky Finger           109    R&B   Funk
Funky Jump              90    R&B   Funk
Girls Folk             104    Rock  Folk
Hey Sixteen            120    Jazz  JazzFunk
Hold On A Minute       100    R&B   Classic
Jack Does It Again     113    Rock  Classic
Jumpin Jive Organ       97    Jazz  JazzFunk
Night Cruiser          120    Jazz  Smooth
Organ Cruise           116    R&B   Funk
Smooth It Over          93    Jazz  Smooth
Smooth Lead Jam         86    Jazz  Smooth
Talk Show Band         100    R&B   Funk
Tenor To The Max       105    Jazz  JazzFunk
Thrust                 103    Jazz  Smooth