Aw, shucks.

It’s nice to get recognition for your work especially when it’s unexpected.

This week the littleBits project page is featuring my Arduino tone sequencer project. This is a good project for people just starting out with the littleBits Arduino and sound. Not very much hardware is absolutely required — just a littleBits Arduino, a power module and a synth speaker module.

littleBits is building an on-line community of builders, coders and inventors. They want to make hardware and software technology accessible to as many people as possible. This is a terrific goal and something that I believe in as well. It’s the main reason for this site, too.

If you build a project with littleBits, I encourage you to add your project to their site. Click on the “Upload your invention” button on their project page and the site takes you to a user interface (UI) that guides you through the process of uploading your invention. The UI puts your project into a standard project format. You are free to add as much or as little to your project page. I had the most success (and fun) with the new UI which littleBits are introducing.

Helpful hint: Browse a few of the existing projects before entering one of your own. Get an idea of the kind of information that is published on a project page. Create a rough draft in a text editor. Being prepared let’s you concentrate on learning the ins and outs of the UI without worrying about content at the same time.

My project page at the littleBits site provides just enough information to get rolling. The tone sequencer project page on this site provides more information about the software design and it has links to the latest code. (Yeah, I do update things when I find bugs.)

I’m using this project as a base for a more advanced tone sequencer that generates envelope trigger and filter modulation signals. The advanced sequencer integrates the Arduino with littleBits synth modules. Stay tuned!