More new phrases for MMS

If you enjoyed the last batch of phrases for Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer, here’s some more! All of the phrases are taken from funky, jazzy styles on the PSR-S950 arranger keyboard.

FunkPoppin ZIP
FunkPopRock ZIP
JazzFunk ZIP
JazzPop ZIP
KoolFunk ZIP

These loops are free and ready for download — 250+ phrases for drum, bass, electric piano, guitar and brass. The phrases are in YMS2 format files. Just copy these files to your iCloud Mobile Music Sequencer directory and you’re ready to go. Under OS X, the iCloud MMS mobile documents directory is:

~/Library/Mobile Documents/XXXX~yamahamusic~mobilemusicseq/Documents

The easiest way to get there in the Finder is to hold down the Option key and select “Library” in the “Go” menu. This will take you directly to your application support library directory. The “XXXX” in the path name above is some crufty identifier generated by OS X and will vary from user to user. Navigate down through the “Mobile Documents” directory until you reach the MMS documents. This is where you should put the YMS2 phrase files.

Also, don’t forget about the Music Gallery where you can find additional MIDI, PSR/Tyros style and MP3 content.

If you want to create your own original MMS phrases from MIDI, check out this tutorial. Once you’ve gone through the process a few times, you’ll be able to translate your own MIDI phrases on autopilot!