NAMM 2018: Ain’t kiddin’ around

“It’s a music toy. It’s a synthesizer. Actually, it’s both.” With an integrated drum machine.

The Playtime Engineering Blipblox looks like a modern-age version of the busy-box that I built for our son way back when. (Importantly, without sharp edges and other hazards.)

Specs include:

  • MIDI input for an external keyboard or sequencer controller.
  • Eight unique oscillator modulation schemes.
  • One Low Pass Filter.
  • Two Envelope Generators.
  • Two LFOs.
  • 3-in/3-out modulation matrix.

MIDI input, for pity’s sake! How many pro-sumer fun boxes have left this essential feature out?

Playtime Engineering make references to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and algorithms because there is a logical signal flow as suggested by the arrows on the front panel. I don’t think young kids have the mental development to grasp such abstract concepts, preferring concrete manipulation instead. (What would Piaget think of this?)

Playtime Engineering describe product status as “In manufacturing now.” No price yet.

Just wait until the little tike can’t find that groovy patch, again! Sound familiar?

Too many questions? I’m under-caffeinated.

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