NAMM 2018: The ‘wheels roll out

The teased Dexibell keyboard is the Dexibell S9 flagship stage piano. It combines the Combo J7’s tonewheel engine with Dexibell’s piano technology. Features include:

  • 88 weighted keys
  • Nine motorized faders
  • Over 100 preset sounds
  • 320 oscillators
  • Extra long piano samples
  • 3GBytes memory for preset and user sounds and samples
  • Bluetooth, USB to Host (MIDI), USB to Device (memory), digital audio I/O
  • 128 x 64 pixel organic LED display

The motorized faders should make drawbar players happy. The “catch” operation of the Genos (and other instruments) makes live drawbar adjustments jumpy. The motorized faders also mean “this thing ain’t gonna be cheap.”

It’s just rainin’ tonewheels up in here. The Numa Compact 2x is a new addition to the Studiologic Numa Compact family. The Compact 2x has three sound engines: piano, tonewheel organ and Sledge synthesis. Sample memory is 1GBytes. The Compact 2x has nine drawbar sliders. The Compact 2x also does audio over USB. Like the rest of the Compact line, the 2x is light: 7kg (15.4 pounds). Inclusion of Sledge synthesis is really exciting. The Compacts have been reasonably priced, so I can’t wait to see the asking price for the 2x.

[Update: The street price (MAP) for the Numa Compact 2x is $699.95 USD.]

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