NAMM 2018: Today’s catch

Terrada Music Score is launching the GVIDO electronic paper dual screen score reader. Basically, it’s a dual screen (13.3-inch) tablet and stylus. The low-reflection display mimics paper and if the real thing is as good as the photo on their web site, it looks fabulous. The GVIDO stores PDF music scores. Terrada Music Score has a content agreement with Hal Leonard, who sell and provide scores. Internal memory is 8GBytes, has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and is 660g light. Ain’t cheap: $1,600USD.

I like the two page display and PDF compatibility. Most of the lead sheets that I read are two pages. I hate page turns and haven’t got the hang of using a foot controller for this purpose.

Check out the Jamboxx hands-free MIDI wind controller ($399 MSRP). It looks like an harmonica and mounts in a bracket. Would Dylan use one?

Korg are also announcing a limited edition Korg Minilogue with a polished gray finish. The rear wooden panel is dark ash. I like the sound of the Minilogue, BTW. So many toys, so little money, so little time.

For readers who are grandparents, Schoenhut are releasing a 30-key tiny grand and a 25-key table-top piano. Hook ’em up to either iOS or Android.

Mukikim have a mini electronic drum kit for kids. The kit has color-coded drum pads (five drums, four cymbals, plus hi-hat/bass pedals). The color-coding takes the player through basic rhythms.

Get the tikes started early! Have your grandchildren drive your own kids crazy! Pay-back!

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