Vox VX50KB keyboard amplifier

With all of the new Korg keyboards, I missed the announcement of the Vox VX50KB keyboard amplifier. The VX50KB is part of the new Vox VX50 series of amplifiers. All the amps in the series have a street price of $229.99 and are currently shipping.

The VX50KB is a three channel keyboard amplifier that drives 50 Watts into an 8 inch, two-way coaxial speaker. Like the new Continental, the VX50KB warms up the sound with Nutube. Weight is an easy to wrangle 9 pounds (4.1 kg).

In the keyboard realm especially, sound quality depends upon the speaker and cabinet as a system. The VX50KB design is a bass reflex structure.

I’ll defer any judgement about sound quality until I hear one in action. Fat, deep organ tones quickly reveal any bass flatulence as well as the speaker’s ability to move air in the low frequency range. Oddly enough, mid-rangy French horns reveal flatulence, too. Strings are good for testing “boxiness” or “graniness.” If you want to hear grain, just listen to any amplifier in Roland’s KC series. The KC tweeters are inadequate.